Mackenzie Robert Nix

Our selected November 2017 resident in Yaqoot, an architect from Australia

Artist's statement;

A lifelong drawer and sketcher, my current art practice and aesthetic has grown out of a lifelong obsession with maps and cartography, which has
manifested itself in my abstract, architectural “fields”. My travels throughout South America, Jordan, and to the city of Berlin fostered in me an intense
interest in art and text focusing on the politics of power, and a fascination with the proliferation and deconstruction of borders and border spaces throughout
the world. The representation of mythology and religion through art has most recently captured my attention, particularly the work of early renaissance
artists like Hieronymous Bosch. For the last year and a half I have enjoyed the privilege of recording unique examples of colonial architecture in Sri Lanka,
which has been an incredibly enjoyable and educational experience for me.
Georgina Sambell

Our selected December 2017 resident in Yaqoot, a painter from Australia

Artist's statement;

My practice is predominately based around painting, but it also expands into other fields including performative film and sculptural works. I am interested in using film works alongside painting as the alternation in temporalities allow some aspects of the paintings to be fleshed out further in film, in another manner. Currently, my interests lie in constructing a dialogue around the use of language to bring forms into being. I am interested in both a departure from and a return to that acts within the work as a cyclical form. I want to make works which are awkward, disrupting the logics of pictorial space; humourful, hesitant yet confident. I often employ allegory to build up narrative scenes which delve into ideology and construct that within forms of ingestion and digestion- the bodily.

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