Artists in Residency Program

* Themes and Principles: Art Exhibitions, Visual arts, Calligraphy works (classic and modern), Statue works, Painting, Music, Architecture, Movies, photography, and theatre, Art Training Sessions (Islamic Architecture & Literature), Conceptual and Visual Arts, Intercultural Art Exchanges, Sculpture, Open Studios, 7-days Tour; exploring Historical, Natural, and Art sites, Workshops and Conferences.


Residency period Application deadline
1 - 30 Oct. 2017   25 Aug. 2017 


Islamic Arts Training Program

* Themes and Principles: Calligraphy(Nastaliq), Gilding, Architecture, Persian Rug, Miniature, Marquetry, Enameling, Engraving (Metalworking).

First Period     Calligraphy (Nastaliq)       
Deadline     June 15, 2017
Residency Period    July 27, 2017_August 27, 2017       


Research Opportunity

* Themes and Principles: Natural, Historical, Cultural

First Period   Coming Soon               
Deadline Coming Soon              
Residency Period    Coming Soon                                   

Contact: or send messages via WhatsApp NO +989217890742



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