Meet our Team
Ali Reza Mohebi is the Director and Creator of Yaqoot Art Gallery. He manages the every-day happenings taking and/or to take place at Negarestan Art Centre. He started his works as a calligrapher in 1996 and has had a wide range of activities in the field of designing, graphics and painting. Studying various calligraphic academies, he works out novel methods to present calligraphic works and presently he is genuinely working to create innovative works. Find his contact information here.


Ali Reza Khamse is responsible for planning and supporting Workshops and Foreign Art Exhibitions and Tourism Programs. Find his contact information here


Dr. Hamid Karami  Yaqoot Residency manager and Yaqoot Art Center Coordinator. You can get in touch with him for sending your application form for residency or any related issue or information about Yaqoot art center using English ,French, Azari, and Turkish. Find his contact information here.     


Meisam Khodaveisi  He is the manager of our research & communication section, fluent in English and French. Find his contact information here.  

Hamidreza Mahmoudi  He is Yaqoot Residency Assistant Coordinator and a civil engineer and our agent in science and technology park of Qazvin. He assists with day to day design works and regarding issues in the Park. Find his contact information here.  

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