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Welcome to Yaqoot Art Gallery!

Back in 2006, the gallery was established by Ali Reza Mohebi; artist, calligrapher and art director. Succeeding in creatively performing that unique artistic sense which exists in every artist, has always been a matter of concern for him as ever.

His ongoing endeavor considering art world in international level, has always been based on transferring the artistic enthusiast to the present art lovers in the art world, so it could be a help in solving the problems which is probable for any artist to confront with and stop him/her from getting into an artistic circle for presenting visual arts for peers, art dealing centers, or participations in Iran and worldwide.

Conducting the artist's soul and body toward creating a new sense and  aspect for filling the gap between the starting point and ending point of an art work with an innovative view, is another important part of this gallery's goal.


At the end, we sincerely thank you for taking a look at our website which is a step in getting closer to us, and much to our honor, our gallery is located at the historical part of the city, very close to the Bazar and other historical and unique buildings, it'll be so good to see you here. We feel so great when reading your comments and messages. Here is the link for sending your messages.


Copyright 2016, Negarestan Art Center, Adjacent to Nabaviye Library, end of Barq Alley, Peyqambariyeh St., Qazvin, Iran All rights reserved.

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